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Workyoga For Professionals  

Regular Yoga classes in the workplace promote physical health, mental well being and positive work life balance. From relieving back problems caused excess desk time, to managing stress and helping to combat  anxiety and depression. Work related health issues are a growing concern and responsible employers use health and well being programs such as Yoga that positively impact employee health, productivity and reduce absenteeism. 

There are numerous published studies that show the benefits for both employees and employers of regular Yoga work classes.

Regular Yoga classes of 30 - 60 minutes offer many physical and mental benefits including

  • reduced stress

  • increased energy levels and greater focus and freedom of movement.

  • reduced neck, shoulder and back pain from repetitive stress injuries or postural imbalances due to prolonged periods of sitting at a desk or computer.

  • improved focus and problem solving skills

  • reduced absenteeism and raised morale

If you are interested in Online or Live Workyoga class for your company please contact me.

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