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Vedic chanting is chanting from the Veda-s, the source of all Indian wisdom and mantras that are in practice today exactly as they were chanted thousands of years ago. Mantra means 'to protect the mind'. Mantra is a positive intention that can have a calming or energising effect on the chanter. 


Vedic chanting has many benefits :-

  •  promotes wellbeing on many levels because it links body, voice, mind and heart 

  •  supports concentration and memory

  •  improves listening and communication skills

  •  improves breathing and breath capacity

  •  improves voice strength, self-expression and confidence

  •  links us to each other when chanting in a group setting

  •  links us to the unbroken lineage of Sanskrit language & spiritual practice

You do not have to be abe to sing to attend. Learning is by lots of repetition 

and there are no expectations to get it straightaway. It is more about how

the sound makes you feel. 

Vedic Chanting Mornings - Monthly group meets every second Saturday

2024  dates : Jan 6, Feb 10, March 9, April 13

Join me at St.Michael's Church, The Sanctuary, 10 - 12pm

£20pp per session, includes refreshments and materials.


Individual classes by request. Contact me for further information.



"Chanting on Saturday was an amazing experience! There was a great feeling of unity and great vibes, looking forward to our next meeting". V. EH D

"Thank you so much for holding space and guiding us in Vedic Chanting last Saturday. I felt absolutely immersed in the scared sounds and felt amazing after. Your group is what I’ve been looking for and I’m very grateful that you hold these monthly sessions". D L

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