I have been attending classes with Jatinder, at the The Sanctuary, for 18 months. The class has a really great feel – everyone is friendly and supportive, the level is gentle – however, you come away feeling you have worked hard. I’m always amazed at the difference in ‘vibe’ between the beginning and end of the class – when people arrive there is always a ‘buzz’ but by the end of the class the feeling is truly calm and serene.


Jatinder’s lessons, both class and individual, are always really well planned and thought through. Modifications are given, on an individual basis, for anyone with problems doing particular movements. Jatinder is also able to help find ways of overcoming postural problems, e.g. I was finding a particular series of movements difficult, and she immediately analysed the problem [the result of an old injury] and helped me adapt my posture accordingly – and, as if by magic, the problem doing that sequence was gone!


I also really enjoy the way we have themes, lasting for 6 weeks, where we study a particular type of posture or sequence of postures. This is accompanied by a philosophical theme where we are invited to think about some of the bigger themes of yoga philosophy and how they apply in our daily life experience, and how the practice of yoga can help us overcome difficulties on many different levels.

 I always look forward to the class on Wednesday mornings – it is a wonderful, grounding, calming, yet uplifting experience - right in the middle of the week! ~ SP



For years I’ve waited to find a yoga class on my doorstep that fulfills every wish! Irrespective of an individual’s sporting/activity background, Jatinder brings together such insightful, enjoyable & inspiring classes. Any physical challenges are always guided through carefully & within everyone’s own ability. The benefits that each class brings are infinite! Mindfulness, breathing, understanding the direct benefits of each movement or pose is exceptional. I am beyond thankful to be experiencing and learning yoga again with Jatinder ~ AH