I come to your class as opposed to choosing another class for a variety of reasons; I enjoy the fact that some philosophy and chanting are included on a regular basis - this means your class is about helping people to use Yoga as a tool for real and meaningful change in their lives. ~ SP (online)  

Thank you for a wonderful and anxiety calming class. It really helped and I felt wonderful. The classes you are doing for us are perfect in this current situation. ~ CF (online) 

I have been attending Jatinder's online Yoga class since fairly early on in the COVID 19 Lockdown process as I thought that if ever needed Yoga in my life, it would be now more than ever. This class has enabled me to feel the same lovely sense of calm that been been used to receiving from Jatinder's face to face class. By the end of the online class, my breathing is slow and steady and my mind is calm. I am then able to apply these Yoga techniques into my week ahead ~SS (online) 


For years I’ve waited to find a yoga class on my doorstep that fulfills every wish! Irrespective of an individual’s sporting/activity background, Jatinder brings together such insightful, enjoyable & inspiring classes. Any physical challenges are always guided through carefully & within everyone’s own ability. The benefits that each class brings are infinite! Mindfulness, breathing, understanding the direct benefits of each movement or pose is exceptional. I am beyond thankful to be experiencing and learning yoga again with Jatinder ~ AH

E: hello@jatinderyoga.com

M: 07766 503178