Yoga is a self- empowering practice that changes lives.

There is more to Yoga than the art of performing postures (āsana). Its practice involve a wide range of additional techniques including controlled breathing, meditation, mudra (hand gestures), nyasa, (special placement of attention) sound (mantra, chanting) and visualization (bhavana).


There is nothing wrong with practicing asana alone, however the creative combination of these techniques makes the practice much more potent and meaningful to the individual. A short personalized regular practice most days over a period of time is life-changing.

Jatinderyoga classes are run by me, Jatinder. I teach group and private classes, one to one sessions, and Vedic chanting, following the Yoga teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar and his father, T Krishnamacharya.

Working with the breath is at the heart of what I teach.  I encourage practice with self awareness of body and breath with no pressure to conform to the ideal pose, at a comfortable pace and level to suit each individual in a relaxed environment.