"I started my yoga experience (sceptically!) with Jatinder almost 7 years ago and she has changed my life :) As a working mum going through so many challenges, I came from a really low place of anxiety and stress - Jatinder's yoga classes have been instrumental in getting me out of that place. I was sceptical to start with but after 8-12 weeks of persisting with yoga I felt a huge difference in myself, my anxieties and I was sleeping like a log once a week after my evening yoga class. I highly recommend Jatinder’s yoga practice – try it for at least 12 weeks and without intending to sound too cheesy and spiritual: “experience the stability, calm and awakening”. Thank you Jatinder x


Yoga is an empowering practice that changes lives.
Yoga is essentially about the mind, and working with the breath is at the heart of what I teach, because the breath is the link between body and mind. When we develop a relatonship with our breath, we can change our response to stress and bring a sense of peace and wellbeing. 
I teach Yoga to small groups, one to one Yoga as therapy, and Vedic chanting, following the Yoga principles of T.K.V. Desikachar and his father, T Krishnamacharya.
I encourage practice with awareness of body and breath with no pressure to conform to the ideal pose, at a comfortable pace and level to suit each individual in a relaxed environment.
I use all the Yoga tools to help people manage stress and anxiety, so that they can feel calm and inner strength. Yoga has many benefits - call me to discuss what you want to get out from Yoga.
M: 07766 503178
E: hello@jatinderyoga.com