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Yoga classes with Jatinder in Epsom, Langley Vale,
Ewell, Leatherhead, Surrey

Welcome to Jatinder Yoga. I offer weekly yoga classes, one to one yoga classes,
Vedic chanting 
classes and one to one tuition, in person and online.

My classes combine all the Yoga tools; āsana (postures), prāṇāyāma (breathwork), some soundwork (mantra/ chanting) and meditation, to help people relieve physical complaints, manage stress and anxiety, develop more clarity and a deeper connection with themselves to empower positive change.

In my Yoga classes I emphasise breathing with movement which encourages a slower more mindful pace which gives way to a stronger and deeper practice. 
Every body is different and I take care to adapt yoga to your needs & ability for it to be accessible and safe to make the practice work for you. All levels are welcome.
The overall aim is to promote a feeling of
peace and wellbeing at the level of the body, breath, mind and heart. 

I have experience of how empowering yoga can be and it has changed my life. It is why I became a yoga teacher so that I can help others. Try a yoga class with me here 
picture of Jatinder
"I started my yoga experience (sceptically!) with Jatinder almost 7 years ago and she has changed my life :) As a working mum going through so many challenges, I came from a really low place of anxiety and stress - Jatinder's yoga classes have been instrumental in getting me out of that place. I was sceptical to start with but after 8-12 weeks of persisting with yoga I felt a huge difference in myself, my anxieties and I was sleeping like a log once a week after my evening yoga class. I highly recommend Jatinder’s yoga practice – try it for at least 12 weeks and without intending to sound too cheesy and spiritual: “experience the stability, calm and awakening.
Thank you Jatinder x" ~ CF

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